Article 1 (Title)

This committee shall be called Hokkaido Luxury Travel Promotion Committee.

Article 2 (Objective/Purpose of This Committee)

This committee exists for the purpose of promoting luxury travel to customers coming to Hokkaido from abroad. To achieve this goal, our aim is to develop high quality contents and services, focus on implementation and disseminate useful information through our wide network.
Through this, we will contribute to the preservation of Hokkaido’s culture in the future.

Article 3 (Types of Activities)

The committee will carry out activities to be able to achieve the objectives that were previously mentioned in Article 2.
(1)    Develop contents that are luxurious and typical for Hokkaido
(2)    Improve quality of service in order to host high class travelers
(3)    Promote (1) and (2) to agents serving high class travelers
(4)    Attend various conferences on luxury travel around the world
(5)    Share information on agents that serve high class travelers
(6)    Share information on Luxury FAM trips and their results

Article 4 (Office Location)

The committee office will be located at the following address:
Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel, Inc.
Minami 2-Jo Higashi 2 Chome, Chuo Ku, Daito Building 9th Floor
Sapporo City, Hokkaido Prefecture, 062-0052, Japan

Article 5 (Committee Membership)

This committee will be composed of members from the travel industry that provide or offer contents and services, mentioned in Article 1, specifically to high-end markets. Individuals or companies that are not affiliated with or do not offer travel services or contents will not be allowed to join this committee.
Furthermore, as a standard of application before approval of membership, the applicant must show or provide contents or documents, which prove that their company offers high-end travel services to its clients.

Article 6 (Admission)

A recommendation letter from an existing member of this committee is required to be submitted and the applicant must get a voting result equivalent to more than half of the current members to become a member of this committee.

Article 7 (Membership Fee)

Membership fee is free of charge.

Article 8 (Activity Fee/Charge or Charge for Activities)

A consultation on charges and fees must be conducted with the committee beforehand, in cases attendances in travel fairs or exhibitions, etc. occur.

Article 9 (Withdrawal of Membership)

The existing member must let the Chairman know of his intentions or purpose of the withdrawal of membership before withdrawing from the committee.

Article 10 (Staff/Officers)

1.    This committee will be comprised of the following officers and advisers:
Chairman: 1 person
Vice- Chairman: 1 person
2.    The officers mentioned in Clause 1 will be decided upon by the members through an election.
3.    The term of office will be for two (2) years. Re-appointments will be allowed.

Article 11 (Duties of Officers and Staff)

1.    The Chairman will be the committee’s official representative and is in charge of making sure everything is running smoothly within the committee.
2.    The Vice Chairman will assist the Chairman, and represent him or her in cases when he or she cannot make it to meetings or in cases of accidents or for other unknown reasons.

Article 12 (Dismissal of Officers and Staff)

If any of the points mentioned below apply to the officer-in-charge in any way, a special resolution meeting will be held and it can lead to the dismissal of that particular officer.
(1)    If the officer-in-charge cannot perform his or her work duties because of probable mental or physical disorders and disabilities.
(2)    In cases when the officer-in-charge is committing violations of his or her work duties and responsibilities or when the officer-in-charge did any inappropriate actions as a representative of this committee.

Article 13 (General Meetings)

1.    The committee will hold a General Meeting once a year. However, special meetings may take place when needed.
2.    These meetings will vote on the following matters:
(1)    Business Reports
(2)    Election of Board Officers and Dismissal of Board Officers
(3)    Dissolution
(4)    All other matters related to the management and administration of this committee
3.    A meeting cannot be held, unless more than half of the members of the committee will be present.

Article 14 (Calling Meetings)

The Chairman will be in charge of calling the meetings.

Article 15 (Speakers of the General Meetings)

A Speaker of the General Meeting will be chosen and elected from members who are present at the meeting.

Article 16 (Voting System)

The results of voting will be determined by the majority rule – more than half of the members who are present must agree or disagree, leading to a result or a decision.
In the case of a tie, the Speaker will decide on which is favorable for the committee.

Article 17 (Adviser/Consultant)

When needed, the committee will place an adviser in charge, who will be entrusted by the Chairman and the appointment will be approved at the General Meeting.

Article 18 (Revision of Rules and Regulations)

If revisions are needed on the management of this committee, a discussion amongst members will be held to determine the next step to take and to decide on the matter.

Supplementary Provisions:

1. The following members will become the officers of this committee.
Chairman: Yamato Hiroshi (President – Hokkaido Treasure Island Travel, Inc.)
Vice-Chairman: Okubo Minoru (Representative Director – Japan Premium International Inc.
Former Vice President – Hokkaido Tracks Development)
2. The person whose name is listed below will become the adviser of this committee.
Adviser: Fukunaga Hirotaka (Representative – R. Project, Incorporated)
3. This agreement is effective from the date of the foundation of this committee – May 1st 2014.